The Results Are In

AAR‘s poll results have been posted.

Only four books in my top 10 made it on to the list, and of those, only one broke AAR’s top ten. Of the entire 100, only 16 of the books I’d list as keepers made it.  I’d read another 56 books appearing on the list, leaving only 29 “new” books…except most of them I have TBR or am not interested in or were DNFs.   I’m not hugely surprised, not even the appearance of JR Ward or the continued “dominance” of (IMO) the very pedestrian book which remains at the #1 spot.   ETA:  I take that back.  I am surprised that nothing by Carla Kelly made the list.


Title Author My Rank AAR’s Rank
Bet Me Crusie, Jennifer #20 #8
Welcome to Temptation Crusie, Jennifer #5 #9
The Viscount Who Loved Me Quinn, Julia #53 #10
It Had to Be You Phillips, Susan Elizabeth #49 #14
Naked in Death Robb, J.D. #10 #19
A Summer to Remember Balogh, Mary #36 #20
Son of the Morning Howard, Linda #31 #29
Devil’s Bride Laurens, Stephanie #63 #31
A Knight in Shining Armor Deveraux, Jude #60 #32
Over the Edge Brockmann, Suzanne #6 #40
Persuasion Austen #1 #54
Born in Fire Roberts, Nora #16 #57
Thunder and Roses Putney, Mary Jo #50 #58
Shattered Rainbows Putney, Mary Jo #45 #74
Anyone But You Crusie, Jennifer #37 #88
Rising Tides Roberts, Nora #51 #90

Technical question:  Why do the frames appear in the text as I write the post and not in the actual post?



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9 responses to “The Results Are In

  1. Looks like I’ve got to try some Lisa Kleypass. And quite a preponderance of historicals on that list. I’m glad to see Heyer made it. And Austen!

    • I thought the preponderance (love that word) of historicals was interesting, given that paranormals seem to be what everyone is publishing right now.
      I was tempted by a reissue of Heyer’s Cotillion at the bookstore this past weekend. Instead I picked up Michele Ann Young’s No Regrets. Both published by SourceBooks (??), with gorgeous covers.

      • I’m wondering how and why SourceBooks picked up the Heyer reprint rights. The only other books I’ve seen from them are nonfiction, including an analysis of Game 7 of the 2001 World Series. (!)

      • I had never heard of SourceBooks before, just happened to note the name because of the two lovely covers.
        On their main page, though, it looks like they’ve been expanding their offerings. Austen-oriented fiction, Shakespeare, trade paperbacks. But I’m wondering if all of them are reprints (the Austen titles I recognize were originally published by other houses).

  2. Anonymous

    Did you see in their analysis (AATB) “Close behind was Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, with 880 votes for 118 different titles”? Weren’t you wondering why more NR didn’t show up? Her backlist is just too big.
    And Persuasion made it for the first time! Yippee. I can nearly forgive the list its preponderance (!) of Kleypas for that.

    • I was wondering about Robb/Roberts, and the volume of her backlist makes sense for the “poor” showing. But really, that many votes for Howard (who has abandoned much of romance for blah suspense, IMO) and Kleypas? Eh. Just goes to show that everyone’s tastes are different.

    • And yay! for Persuasion! I’m kind of wondering what brought that change about, since Austen was on the radar before with P&P.

      • Anonymous

        It was us, obviously. You and me, talking about its wonderfulness on our blogs… Okay, maybe not. šŸ˜‰
        When did the movie version come out? That was before 2004, wasn’t it? So that’s not it. I don’t know. It does seem like Austen is getting more overall attention these days. Maybe the Keira Knightley P&P and that memoir Austen movie sent people back to her other books.

  3. I thought I was the only person ever in the history of the world that didn’t think Lord of Scoundrels was the best romance novel ever! I mean, it didn’t suck, but it was by no means perfect.

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