Oh no!

I was excited to pack my dictionary and text book this morning (despite the fact that they weigh many pounds and must be lugged around all day). Arabic class was to start tonight! :does dorky happy dance: But I arrived in the office to find a notice that the section has been cancelled due to low enrollment. I can try to enroll in the Thursday night class if I so desire, though. No, thank you, I’d rather the Monday class with Dr. M., whose teaching style I’ve adjusted to after 2 quarters.

Must see if she’ll be teaching next quarter — if so, I may wait for her and just study on my own.



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2 responses to “Oh no!

  1. That sucks! It’s so irritating when a class you want to take is cancelled. It’s even worse, though, for the instructor!!!

  2. jmc

    The instructor is teaching a couple of other classes, and also teaches in another program for the State Department, I think. But yes, I’m sure when you’re planning your budget based on teaching a certain number of classes, it throws everything out of whack to have one cancelled at the last minute.

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