HP spoilers

Jane has posted a link to a spoiler to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A hacker claims to have gotten access to the publisher’s network and posted spoilers. I’m not including a link, because that would be too much temptation for me. My mouse hovered over the link over at DA before moving away.

My speculation about the book is that Harry will die. (How else can Rowling prevent the sequel-clamor?) Of Harry’s companions, I think Hermione is most likely to die — because I read somewhere that JKR was asked once about Hermione and said that no one ever asks, which suprised her, and that Hermione was more vulnerable than most readers realized, despite her intelligence and magic skills. I also think Hagrid’s gonna die, along with Lupin and a couple of the Weasleys…though likely not Ron, unless JKR does some sort of apocalyptic ending in which Harry, Ron and Hermione all die in the final big battle.

I’m not reading much romance lately. I’ve been trying to get through the stack of magazines that was accumulating in my living room, plus I got sidetracked reading HP fanfic. My favorites so far are:

1. obsessed1‘s HP fanfic (Past Curfew and Just Another Bloody Stupid Romance), two non-canon slash pieces, the first of which superimposes Queer as Folk on the Wizarding World. Hawt. Like QaF, there’s a slight tendency to spend a bit too much time on the sex and not enough time on plot, but I love how she took minor and major characters and worked with them.

2. rozarka‘s Viktor/Hermione stuff, G, PG and R.

3. antoshevu‘s variety of Harry/Ginny, Harry/Luna/Ginny, and Luna/Ginny stuff, especially Four Weddings and a Funeral.

4. fics_by_maple‘s George/Lee series of shorts (WIP).

5. inell‘s Hermione-centered fics, particularly her Cedric story in 10 parts.

And an excellent Luna/George story that I can’t find again, dammit. And a Snape/Lupin series, too.

Of course, I’ve also read some horrendous stuff…which I will not be singling out, other than to say that spell check is a pretty universal function and I wish more people would use it.


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2 responses to “HP spoilers

  1. Anonymous

    How depressing are you?
    “They’re all going to die! Die, I tell you!!!.”
    I can’t see that at all. From my perspective Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Mr & Mrs Weasley are bulletproof, because she’s a children’s author. More than that, she’s a mum – what would her home life be like if she traumatised her children’s generation?
    I think she’ll avoid sequelitis as best she can by giving a lot of detail as to what happens to the important characters post-series.
    Neville is in a tricky position – he’s significant, but he’s not the hero, villain, sidekick or love interest. Victim? Percy has also been carefully positioned, and I can’t see where that goes. He might become Harry’s eyes in the ministry, but he could just die because he’s not prepared when evil comes. I think Lupin survives and I hope Snape survives to be miserable. Hagrid, I don’t know, because I don’t know where the giants come into play. That plot line feels like a bit of Narnia snuck into the books by mistake. Harry thinks he’s going to die, mentally sacrifices himself, but survives. You can have either Ron or Mr Weasley suffering really serious injuries, if that makes you happy…
    (Annoying about the spoilers, because they’ll be repeated, and it only takes one idiot to post them without a spoiler warning…)

    • I am feeling a bit pessimistic about Harry, I admit it. I’d like him and all of his friends to live, yes, but I think that some of the Inner Circle will die. Why? Primarily because of the high number of casualties in the Order of Phoenix the first time around.
      Hagrid and Lupin strike me as very vulnerable — neither of them is fully accepted into mainstream witch culture, and both are Other but don’t fit in well among those Others either. Hermione seems like she would be a prime target for Voldemort and/or Death Eaters: the smart companion to The Boy Who Lived; Muggle born; corruptor of a Pure Blood Weasley; who better to use as an example?
      My sister (true HP-phile) thinks Snape is good but that he’ll die. Me? I still haven’t decided about him.
      *sigh* Clearly I’ve spent too much time thinking about this. Although not as much time as some others have…

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