Avos & chocolate chips

I have such mixed feelings about Whole Foods. On one hand, it is the closest upscale grocery near my home; on the other, passages from Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma echo in my mind as I shop there — how healthy and organic is what I’m buying? Would I be better off finding a local farm that is committed to sustainable agriculture? Probably, but when I searched online, the closest one was 20+ miles away and limited hours for the public to peruse and purchase their produce.

This morning I decided I wanted an avocado and one of the Belgian waffles from the bakery department, and a Brown Cow cream top yoghurt. Yep, lots of fat in that breakfast. And I forgot the cardinal rule: don’t grocery shop when hungry. I returned home with an odd mix of purchases, including a minicake that I didn’t need; cherries; fruit salad; sweet potato chips; and more. But the tastiest purchase: chocolate tortilla chips. The ingredients are natural — no chemical names I can’t pronounce. And they have a dark chocolate taste. Went well with the avo and banana for breakfast.

On the avo note, I ate a sandwich last week that was average but transformed to excellent by the combination of avo and bacon. Not a combo I’ve tried before. The salt and crisp of the bacon plus the buttery fruit-vegetable along with crisp romaine and sliced turkey breast? Delicious.

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