Radio silence

Busy two weeks. Back to the irregularly scheduled blogging.

First, my copy of Hans Wehr arrived. Not as impressed with it as I am with the Al-Mawrid. The print is tiny, go blind tiny. I need to invest in a reader’s magnifying glass to use the dictionary.

Second — the mid-term is a take home. ::sigh:: Take home mid-terms are about as much fun as open book tests are. Don’t like them. Would rather have a set period of time to get the work done, without the possibility of agonizing or going back over it until I’m senseless.

Watched Babel last night. I could pick out a few words of the Moroccan Arabic every now and again…which was cool, since I’m learning MSA, not a colloquial version. Followed the Spanish without a problem. If only I spoke Japanese. Not. I can’t handle anything more.


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