I went to Russian III tonight, but couldn’t attend the class. Why? Because it is in a secure building, and only people on the roster are cleared to enter. And I’m not on the roster yet, because I registered for Russian I, as instructed, while sitting in on each class for the first 3 levels. After deciding which is most appropriate, I’m supposed to transfer/change. Gah! I wasted my time schlepping over in the rush hour traffic, only to turn around and come back.

I’m supposed to call tomorrow and they’ll give me the email address and phone number of the instructor, who’ll judge whether or not I belong in the class. I’m thinking yes. Except I really liked the instructor for Russian II, even if the course content was remedial.

Anyhow, I’ve skimmed forward through most of the text book, and a lot of it (most of it) is nothing new, grammar-wise, although there is some new vocabulary.

Need to dust off the Arabic text and listen to the next lesson, reviewing grammar and vocab. That’ll be Saturday’s class.


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