What to do, what to do. I want to take the next Arabic class…with the same instructor. Except she’s not teaching in the same program next semester, although she is teaching elsewhere. Stay where I am and adjust to a new instructor (and maybe a Saturday class, which doesn’t thrill me)? Or enroll elsewhere?

I tested into a Spanish level that I might be interested in. And was told to sit in on three different Russian classes if I was interested in that.

I do know that the most number of classes I can handle is two, so I have to make a decision. It may come down to eenie meenie miney moe.



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2 responses to “Dilemma

  1. So you’ll be taking two different language classes? At least they’re all three different enough from each other that you won’t get mixed up. I still have nightmares remembering Monday mornings in my last year of high school… I had classes in Spanish, English, Italian and French, all before lunch!

  2. jmc

    Spanish, Italian and French, all at once? Ouch!I think I’ll be taking Arabic and Russian. Part of me would really love to take Arabic, Russian and a Spanish conversation class, except the classes all run from 6pm-9pm, and I don’t get home until after ~11pm. Three late work nights would make me a very grouchy woman.

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