Holiday library sale

:sigh: The library is having a holiday sale. Who can resist a sale? Not me, certainly. Some are books I’ve read and liked, some are books I want to read, others are books that I remember seeing on the group wishlist on the Yahoo trading group I belong to. The books I brought home today:

Lady Luck’s Map of Vegas, Barbara Samuel
The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue
Match Me If You Can, Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Out of Range, C.J. Box
The Washingtonnienne, Jessica Cutler
When Venus Fell, Deborah Smith
Send a Fax to the Kasbah, Dorothy Dunnett
To Darkness and to Death, Julia Spencer-Fleming
Out of the Deep I Cry, Julia Spencer-Fleming

Trade paperbacks
Making Mischief, Elizabeth Young
Tokyo Cancelled, Rana Dasgupta
Devil’s Bargain, Judith Tarr

The Huntress, Crystal Green
Flowers from the Storm, Laura Kinsale
Flashback, Nevada Barr
Liberty Falling, Nevada Barr
Track of the Cat, Nevada Barr

Did I need any of these? Nope. But for $4.25, I couldn’t resist. The book glutton and the penny pincher in me were both pleased.


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