I was over at IMDB checking out some other stuff, and I noticed that there is a new TV version of Persuasion in the works. Check out the summary. I’m a curmudgeonly creature of habit. I like the old version: Ciaran Hinds (mmmm) as Captain Wentworth; Amanda Root as Anne. Now, Rupert Penry-Jones is hawt — I’ve caught him in a couple of episodes of MI-5/Spooks — but in my mind he’s not Wentworth. I can’t imagine him reading or saying “I can listen no longer in silence…I am half agony, half hope…” And who is Sally Hawkins? Is she Anne Elliot? I can’t tell. I wonder if this will air or be available in the US?


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  1. Anonymous

    Both of them are way too pretty and way too young to play these roles. I ain’t watchin and no one can make me, so there.
    Fiercely Scowling,

  2. Anonymous

    I love the Amanda Root version too. I just rented it again last weekend.
    I saw the first two seasons of MI-5, but I’m not sure who this Penry-Jones is? He’s not the main guy–that guy’s Mr. Darcy now.

  3. Anonymous

    Weren’t there others?
    I think they had planned to do more than Persuasion – from memory they were going to do Northanger Abbey and… Mansfield Park? as well. I’ve a feeling that Andrew Davies was to do one of the adaptions, because I remember being quite enthusiatic at the prospect. I’d be interested in seeing an adaptation of Northanger Abbey, because it was a set book at school, and therefore is my least favourite of the books.
    Marianne McA

    • Re: Weren’t there others?
      Marianne McA,
      I hadn’t checked any other planned adaptations of JA’s books — came across the information for Persuasion while looking for something else. But IMBD does list Northanger Abbey as in post-production with screenplay by Andrew Davies. Oh, he’s doing Sense & Sensibility, too. But not Mansfield Park.

  4. Anonymous

    Sally Hawkins is an up-and-coming actress who will indeed be playing Anne Elliot. The Clerkenwell website has more information about the production and has even more detail 🙂

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