Movie update

Well, the movie marathon isn’t happening today, but I did go see Brokeback Mountain yesterday afternoon. I’m gonna gush like most movie critics: Heath Ledger gave an amazing performance of Ennis Delmar, closed off emotionally, but unhappy and frustrated with his life. Jake Gyllenhall (sp?) was excellent as Jack Twist as well. The scenery was gorgeous — I’m not a mountain or western person, preferring the ocean and rolling hills, but the scenery and cinematography made me want to go to Montana. It even made me want to camp — and I haven’t camped since a disastrous outing as a chaperon for a Girl Scouts trip to Hershey Park while a junior in college. This film was so clearly a love story, but without a happy ending. I was sad when I left the theater, because all I could think was that we do terrible things to ourselves and the people we love when we try to force ourselves to be what the world tells us is “normal.”


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