Movie marathon?

The number of movies I’ve seen this year is down dramatically from last year and the year before. I think this is so for two reasons: Netflix and my frustration with most theaters. I’ve spent most of the year avoiding the movie theater. Between the ticket price, which keeps escalating, the cost of concessions, and the rudeness of movie theater audiences (cell phones, talking, parents who let their kids talk, throw food, kick the seats in front of them, etc.), it’s not that much fun to go to the movies anymore. I intended to see Flightplan, Crash, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Corpse Bride, Must Love Dogs, and A History of Violence, but missed them at the theater, so I’m waiting for them to make it to the top of my Netflix queue. The movies I’ve seen at the theater this year are: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (A)Walk the Line (A)The Constant Gardener (A+)Serenity (B+)The Brothers Grimm (C+)Batman Begins (B)Still, there are a few movies playing that I want to see:Good Night and Good LuckSyrianaBrokeback MountainTransamericaI’m even willing to brave the theater for them! Unfortunately, the only one playing near my home is Syriana. All of the others are playing in theaters in more arty or urban neighborhoods, so I’ll be driving to DC over the holiday to see them. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll do a movie marathon on either the 24th or the 26th. If I get off work early today, maybe I’ll hop the Metro over to Dupont Circle, where BbM is playing on multiple screens. 🙂


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