Life on Laidback Mountain (aka my entry in the SB Spam-Cover contest)

Lincoln MacHoman, owner and wilderness tour leader of the Lodge at Bare Crack Woods on Laidback Mountain, BFE, was a loner, a man of much money but few words. A lifetime ago, Linc had been a real estate mogul; during the real estate bust, he’d been burned by a gold-digging woman who’d lost interest in him when his net worth plummeted. He’d regained his fortune, but not his trust in women. Especially the kind of women who trailed out to the Lodge to looking for a cushy ride, now that he was solvent again. He took what they gave so “freely” and gave nothing in return.Blaze Nieves was a emotionally scarred woman who felt as ugly as her past. Born to the town pump, the women in town reviled her and the men assumed she was as easy as her mother. She’d spent years trying to avoid being noticed, a hard task since she had inherited her mother’s lush beauty. All she wanted was to live in peace and quiet. After her mother’s scandalous death, her life in her mother’s shadow had finally ended. On her way to a new life on the coast, she broke down on Laidback Mountain. When their eyes met that night, over the hood of Blaze’s dusty ’95 Hyundai, their lives changed forever. Their passion was hot enough to melt the snow off of Laidback Mountain. But can the lusty mountaineer and the shy spinster find happiness together? Only the mountain knows.


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