My lastest addiction

Everyone in my office raves about the tv show Lost. There’s no water cooler, per se, but whenever people gather together on Thursday morning, Lost is always the topic of conversation. I didn’t watch the first season, because it was on at the same time as West Wing. I know, the writing has declined dramatically since the exit of Aaron Sorkin, but I really like CJ and Will, so I have hung around to see what happens next. With the move to Sunday night, WW’s star is clearly on the wane…and now I can try to watch Lost on Wednesdays. When I watched the first episode this season, it was clear that this was not a show that I could just jump right into — too much back story. So I put Lost in my Netflix queue. The first disc arrived on Wednesday. No one warned me that the show would be more addictive than Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano cookies or Reese’s Peanut Butter cups! I’m hooked! Like the aforesaid junkfood, I want to gulp down all the episodes of Lost, regardless of information overload. Love the broken timeline and the variety of characters. Usually I mix and mingle the discs of TV series in my Netflix queue, but I had to reorder the queue so I could watch all of these in order and have multiple discs on hand while doing so. I’m imagining a Lost marathon over my Christmas holiday. Christmas shopping update: I am finished! Done! *happy dance* The only thing I have to do is go to the post office for three books of stamps and to mail a package, then all of my holiday preparations will be complete. Another happy thing: my mom loves Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s writing. I got her hooked on him and several other Latin American writers when I was in college (I started book pimping at an early age, what can I say?). She really, really wants to read the second installment of his memoirs…which hasn’t been published yet, or even written yet, as far as I know. But I discovered that his most recent book, Memoria de mis putas tristes, has been translated into English and is available at my local bookstore. Woo hoo!Shopping gripe: I could not find a Slinky anywhere! I was looking for a Slinky or other Rubic’s Cube-y kind of toy for my brother’s stocking. Apparently you had to look for that kind of thing earlier in the shopping season. Beth (host of SBD) has posted a website that I really didn’t need to know about: I could spend way too much money there. Must resist the urge to check it again.

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