No point, really

I don’t have anything coherent to say this morning, just a couple of random things. [Edited: turns out I had more than a couple of random things to say. Sorry. jmc]First, I was introduced to and the art of demotivation via a birthday gift that cracked me up. In the past, I’ve been given motivational stuff, but the pessimistic stuff at suits me better, I think. I’ve gone to the website, clicking randomly, and found a poster that I Must Have. Photo of either Aztec or Incan temple ruin with the following caption: Sacrifice: All we ask here is that you give us your heart.I vaguely remember in one of my Latin American history classes learning that one or the other of the pre-Colombian civilizations sacrificed its winning tournament teams to the gods by the removing the players’ hearts…while they were still alive. Is it twisted of me that I find the demotivator entertaining?Second random thing: Serenity comes out on DVD on the 20th. I really liked that movie. What’s not to like? Nathan Fillion, yum. Adventure. Good guys against bad guys. Cowboys in space. I want to buy a copy, and it’s on sale for a lowish price at But it is Christmas time, and should I really be buying gifts for myself? No, I shouldn’t. But I don’t think anyone will get it for me, because it wasn’t on my list, plus I already know that my mom is getting me a hammock for my back yard, and the other people in my family are dependable gift card givers. Must-restrain-self. No self-gifting until after the holiday.Third random thing: spoke to my sister Sunday night. She and her DH were wandering around the mall parking lot, looking for the car. Neither of them noticed which row/section they were parked in, thinking that the other would remember. Haven’t heard from either of them in response to an email I sent yesterday. I hope they are not still wandering around, looking for the Saturn.Fourth random thing: I think I shocked a friend of mine last night by telling her that I think the bible is a work of fiction. She’s a Jehovah’s Witness, but not pushy about her religion. I am agnostic, verging on atheist. We are trying to organize a reading group, but haven’t figured out what to read. She suggested the bible, and I said I wouldn’t mind reading it since it is a work of fiction, which stopped her in her tracks. Did I really think the bible was fiction?, she asked. Well, yes. Do I think it is a literal piece of history or fact? No. I think it’s kind of like the Iliad or the Aeneid, a fantastical tale based on fragments of truth; as the tales were told, they were embroidered and changed. There may once have been a man named Job who suffered a lot, but he was probably the Eeyore of his time, and not so much persecuted as misfortunate.


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