Ice Hockey

Went to my first professional hockey game last night. The Caps lost to the Red Wings, 3-4. I liked it. I’m not going to become an avid NHL fan, but neither am I sorry I went. I noticed the usual differences among the crowd, when comparing a college game to a professional game. Found it to be pretty entertaining, actually. It’s amazing to watch personalities change once the refs drop the puck. Seriously, I was sitting next to a woman I work with, who is very mellow and soft-spoken at the office; you would never have guess that, based on the screaming, blood-thirsty lunatic she became. In terms of alcohol consumption, hockey seems to fall above baseball but far below football on the Drunk-O-Meter scale. Probably because there’s no opportunity to tailgate at MCI Center — the Metro frowns upon any liquids on the trains, let alone beer.My only other observation about hockey is that I’ve never really become a fan of it for the same reason I don’t go out of my way to watch soccer: the seeming lack of control. I know, aficionados tell me that that is the key to the game: you can have all the skill in the world, but you can’t control the way the puck slides on the ice or the way the ball bounces on the grass, which is what makes the game interesting. I love the infinite possibilities of baseball, but I don’t see the same charm in hockey or soccer. Maybe they are acquired tastes that I just haven’t made any effort to acquire.


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