Winter Weather Insanity and other things

I was out of pretty much all staples in my kitchen, which is never very well stocked to begin with, so I went to the grocery store last night after work. I had forgotten that snow and freezing rain were in the weather forecast. Ohmigod! People are insane! What is the fascination with toilet paper, milk and bread? Can you use the three together to make some sort of papier-mache, uber-version of insulation, thus defeating the cold? I swear it’s the Holy Trinity of grocery shopping in Balmer when bad weather has been forecast. I did buy bread, but no milk or tp. Despite the crowd, I completed my shopping expedition fairly quickly and only bought a few things that weren’t on the list….like a half gallon of peppermint ice cream. Not on the list and not needed, but I couldn’t resist.When I fell asleep last night, there was no snow on the ground; when I woke up, there were a few inches on the ground and a sort of freezing rain/snow combo was sprinkling. It pretty much stopped around 7am, so I went outside and cleared off the car, shoveled my front walk and my neighbor’s. Decided to take public transportation to work; I do use public transportation already, but usually I drive to the commuter train station rather than take the bus, because that adds 2 hours round trip. Despite the fact that it took 2.5 hours to get to work [because of the bus that never came] instead of the usual hour, I’m pretty glad I did, because people were driving like lunatics. It was like they figured since the sun was up, there couldn’t possibly be any ice left anywhere. Forget all of the cars and SUVs *snicker* sitting in ditches, they could go 65+ mph.I think maybe one of the regional people who was in training with me was on that Southwest airplane that landed at Midway in Chicago yesterday, skidding out onto the highway. Must email and check. Hope she wasn’t; but if she was, hope she’s okay.I’m reading Balogh’s The Secret Pearl right now, so that may be my next journal entry. Or maybe I’ll do a blog about my TBR mountain. Must mull the possibilities.I’ve got to say that I love Television Without Pity. The snark is awesome. I’d love to be one of their reviewers but #1) I don’t seem able to watch anything consistently and #2) I don’t snark well enough. If you haven’t checked out that website, go do so immediately: They’ve started recapping Grey’s Anatomy, which is my favorite new show. I think Dr. Preston Burke is seriously hot; brains have always worked for me, moreso than looks, and the actor playing him is excellent at showing how very smart Burke is. I’ve got a major crush.


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