Vacation pics

I’ve gotten my vacation photos developed…both rolls. Two measly rolls for a week in Hawai’i? Well, yes, because my sister and brother-in-law had the digital camera and I had the disposables (I’m not much of a photographer), including the underwater one. I’m really looking forward to the ones I took using their camera, and to seeing the ones that I asked them to take of the black sand beach at Kilauea, the Schindler’s List lava flow, and the From Here to Eternity beach.I’m not going to inflict the pics on people, other than to post a couple here. The really cool ones, I think, are the ones the BIL took while snorkeling. There’s one that has a camouflaged fish right in the middle of the photo, but you have to look to see it. It’s pretty awesome. Otherwise, my favorite photos are of the sister and BIL disappearing into the heart of darkness (the Thurston Lava Tube at Volcanoes National Park), one of Rainbow Falls, near Hilo, and one of Shark Cove.Rainbow Falls, on the Big IslandShark Cove on the North ShoreWhere’s Waldo? fishI’m not posting the photo of sis & BIL, ’cause I’m not comfortable posting people pictures. All the others are people-less, so they are okay to post to the public. Not that this journal is all that public, but still…Eventually, I kind of plan on doing a memory book. But not a scrapbook — that road is expensive and addictive and I don’t need to join the ranks of my insane friends, spending astronomical amounts of money on stickers and albums and scissors that cut out in funky patterns. Mostly a little journal sort of thing, with some photos and mementos stuck in. I’ll probably post a few things here, but I’m not planning on doing a travelogue. The only people who’d really be interested in that much detail are my family and the friends who’ve already been to Hawai’i.


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