The Outlander bandwagon?

I’ve always been a little standoffish when the conversation has turned to Outlander. Not a big fan of time travel romance, not a fan of highlander romances, etc. I’d picked up Outlander on several occasions, but never made it past the first couple of chapters set in 1945. During my recent book pimping and bingeing, I picked up a TPB copy of Outlander at the library for 20 cents. My intent — to read it while on vacation. Now that I’ve read Outlander all the way through, I still don’t see the appeal. My main points are as follow:*Gabaldon’s style is what one of my professors, whose (is that the proper possessive spelling or should it be who’s?) job was to teach us to write exam answers to pass the bar exam, called the dump truck method. As in, dump the whole load on the page, style doesn’t matter; you get points for hitting the proper areas, not for grace of language or thought. A little TMI when it came to medieval medicine and lifestyle.*Claire was kind of a Mary-Sue heroine, I thought. Everyone seemed to want her (shades of Anita Blake?), she immediately fit in, had no obvious faults or flaws.*Didn’t see the appeal of Jamie Fraser. Sacrilege, I know, but he seemed sort of average to me.*Seriously, Diana Gabaldon, this book was a straight up romance novel with lots of sex, a typical “romance” story arc, and a clearly defined happy ending. Stop being a pretentious literary twit, claiming not to write romance.*The book was entertaining enough to read while sunning myself on the beach, but I don’t see myself picking up the next one, whichever it is. And reading through to A Breath of Snow and Ashes – not going to happen. The “series” clearly could have ended at the last page of Outlander.I know all taste is personal, but I don’t get the appeal. [Have the same problem with Forever Amber, which some people call the prototype of the saga/epic romance. Amber strikes me as extremely Scarlett O’Hara-ish. But that’s another SB for another SBD.] Obviously, I’m not going to be joining the Jamie & Claire Outlander bandwagon. In the future, when the conversation turns to Outlander, I can safely participate, although I’m not going to have that much to say. An okay book, but ultimately forgettable.Next up: To Love and To Cherish, by Patricia Gaffney, which was recommended by Rosario.

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